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Just few weeks after the retirement of The Undertaker and suggestions on who could be a perfect replacement are already coming. The Undertaker has left a lasting legacy in the company and a footprint for upcoming and existing superstars to follow.

WrestleMania33 saw the legendary retirement of The Undertaker by Roman Reigns, it was indeed a perfect view and a sad moment to fans seeing The Undertaker hung his wrestling boot after so many years of sport entertainment.
Discussing about the replacement of the great superstar, Taker, Jim Ross posted on his website stating that Bray Wyatt has the potential to step into The Undertaker’s shoes.

Also, Jim said he would be happy to see WWE take that direction. This idea came out of Jim Ross when a fan asked him if WWE were subtly positioning Bray Wyatt to replace The Undertaker.

The Hall of Famer said that the move could be successful and that he would be in favor of it. This was what he said:
“Those are big shoes to fill but if Wyatt can continue to advance his game and make the persona his own then there is a chance that it will be successful. I like this direction if that’s what it turns out to be.”