WWE NEWS: The Undertaker Finally Returning To SmackDown Live – See Official Details..

Since after the WWE WrestleMania event match against Shane McMahon, The Undertaker has not returned to the WWE and seemed as if he has resigned from the company.

The Undertaker was fiercely angry with Vince McMahon for asking him to lose to Shane McMahon his son so that Shane could get his request granted. Shane McMahon returned from exile just when the WrestleMania 32 was close at hand and he requested to be the runner of the WWE Monday night RAW.

Vince McMahon had to give Shane a condition of winning the Undertaker before allowing him to run RAW but unfortunately, The Undertaker did not allowed any of such things to happen. After the match at wrestlemania 32, The Undertaker was seen taken off his gloves and it was observed that he was finally done with WWE.

Report states that The Undertaker got angry and decided never to return to the WWE Company again. During the Summerslam preparation, it was rumored that The Dead would be making it back to the ring and his opponent would be John Cena but it all turned out to be false as we didn’t saw him.

Well, as it is, WWE is making plans of bringing The Undertaker back to the WWE may before WrestleMania 33 so that he can compete with John Cena as his retirement match.

The Undertaker recent underwent pelvic surgery which was successful and we strongly hope that before the Wrestlemania 33 event, he might have fully recovered to return to the ring. If it happens to be that he returns before WrestleMania, he would probably join the SmackDown roster because his entire opponents revealed are all from the brand. We hope to see him soon. What do you think?