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The undertaker is no doubt the lord of wrestlemania. He has become the chief of the show that if he is not there, the event would not be interesting.

WrestleMania 32 has passed and we saw what transpired at the main event, now it is barely seven months to WrestleMania 33 and we are still expecting the return of the Dead Man. Rumors has it that he may be returning before the big event and his opponent were suggested to be one among these big names mentioned below:

AJ Styles
“The Phenomenal One” is slowly making his way to claiming the WWE Championship. I expect him to be the defending champion by WM33, or at least challenging for it. So while it would be a certified dream match, I can’t see it happening as AJ needs to prove he’s the #1 guy on the blue brand by walking out of ‘mania with the gold.

Brock Lesnar

Oh no Kyle! Why did you pick this “mis-used” talent? I chose “The Beast” because a rematch between Lesnar and The Undertaker would sell tickets. Their WMXXX match was bad in more ways than the ending, so the second match would be highly anticipated as The Undertaker returns to avenge .. not only his Wrestlemania loss, but the further losses he suffered afterwards.

They would do battle one last time, to ultimately decide who the better man is. Taker wins, his career continues, Taker loses, his career is over. And with fans knowing Lesnar’s already beaten him on the grandest stage, and how unstoppable he’s been since WMXXX, the ending would be memorable no matter what the outcome. Taker gets revenge, or he retires for good. It’s a direction WWE could go in, and it wouldn’t be a bad one considering the history.

Chris Jericho

How has this never happened? Baffles me. Regardless, if WWE wants a “safe” option just to get Taker on the card with minimal risk to his health, and his opponents career momentum, having a program with Jericho is the right choice. Jericho would revel in the challenge, and I’m sure it would be a great match in the end. We all know who’s winning … but it would still be fun to watch.