WWE NEWS: The Undertaker’s Wife Passes Away? – See Huge Reactions To Her Death Report…

There have huge rumor going around in social media lately and the rumor states that Michelle McCool, the wife of The Undertaker is dead and that she died due to skin cancer.

Undertaker’s wife had been a champion before her retirement from pro wrestling and she is still living even though she was diagnosed with skin cancer some time ago. Below is the rumor as it was reported by some fame seekers. Click here to see the source.

“Former WWE Diva Michelle McCool passed away Friday after a battle with skin cancer. There are conflicting reports regarding her age, with some sources citing he was born in 1947 and others listing the year as 1950.A Quebec City native, Michelle participated in Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling during the 1970s, capturing the company’s heavyweight title twice”.

Well, with the wide spread of this news in all social medias, we tend to make it right and to correct the impressions that might have been registered in the minds of WWE fans and even some personal fans of the Undertaker. The truth is that Former WWE Diva Michelle McCool is still very much alive though battling with skin cancer but not dead.

So, all the rumors that have been making waves in social Medias are all false.