WWE NEWS: Why Vince McMahon Is Angry With WWE Star Nia Jax — Nia Jax In Trouble With WWE Officials Again — SEE DETAILS

Nia Jax WWE ChampionUnfortunately for Nia Jax, she’s one of those who the WWE CEO Vince McMahon is not happy with.

Nia Jax has given her best to the WWE so far. She wrestled even against her health and medical fitness at times. She did some grueling matches with Ronda Rousey, Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch and whatnot.

But be it as it may, the WWE Officials are not happy with the former WWE RAW Women’s Champion who is currently off WWE owing to ACL surgery.

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Nia Jax took to Twitter on Tuesday and told fans she’s doing better than doctors had expected, just two weeks after undergoing ACL surgery.

“Awww you guys are amazing!! Thank you all for sending the beautiful messages. I am doing very well, better than doctors expected, these messages are just keeping me motivated to get back to the ring quicker! Im so grateful,” Jax wrote in response to get well soon messages from her fansite.

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Jax underwent successful surgery to repair both of her ACLs back on Thursday, April 25. She had been dealing with pain in both of her knees for more than a year. There’s no word yet on when Jax will be back in action, but it was reported that she could be out for around 9 months.

That said, the truth is WWE officials have never booked Nia Jax properly. The problem is if Nia Jax does have some heat with WWE officials.

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However, her booking might not be her biggest problem right now. According to a new report from WrestlingNews.co, there’s legitimate heat between Nia Jax and WWE Officials who are complaining that she sort of gives up so easily during matches and whatnot.

Jax tweeted this, really rubbed WWE officials the wrong way:


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The problem is if Nia Jax does have some heat with WWE officials, she’s definitely going to the back of the line after her injury is fully healed and clear the air of the heat between her and WWE officials.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear what the future holds for the former Raw Women’s Champion after undergoing ACL surgery and slated to be out for 9 months.