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RAW commenced with Braun Strowman reflecting on how he “broke Reigns in two” on last week’s installment of the show as he steps out into the ring.

It was well understood that Strowman seemed smug about making sure that Roman Reigns doesn’t show up for the nights Raw by attacking him backstage. All of a sudden, Kurt Angle appeared out of nowhere in the middle of Strowman’s section and announced that Roman Reigns will Be fighting his attacker (Braun Strowman) at Payback.

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As we all should know, in the previous week Reigns was attacked and brutally beaten by Braun Strowman backstage to a point where Roman has to be taken in an emergency ambulance which was also turned over by Strowman while Reigns was meant to still be inside.

The fact now is that, the very instant where Roman Reigns was attacked by Strowman, Roman Vs Strowman was bound to come up considering the fact that the “Big Dog” is looking forward to a payback on his assailant. However, Reigns suffered suffered a storyline “injury” during the assault including a separated shoulder, a few cracked ribs and other random internal injuries as reported.

As it stands now, Strowman has officially declared himself “Monster Among Men” looking forward to destroying all on the roster while Reigns on the other hand, calls himself the “Big Dog” after defeating The Undertaker also known as The Deadman himself. Moreover, since these two Superstars are try so hard to secure their places at the RAW Roster, it will also be nice to see who among them eventually comes top.