WWE NEWS: Vince McMahon Afraid Of John Cena’s Heel Turn? — See Reasons…

Are we truly in the new era of the WWE? well, we can say yes because, it is evident that the woman’s revolution is in full swing.

And again, new titles have been introduced into the WWE main roster; apart from this, several young stars are establishing themselves as future legends of the company.

Unfortunately for The WWE Universe, there is one change that Vince McMahon refuses to make in the new era of The WWE and that’s turn his golden boy, John Cena, heel. Although there have been multiple storyline scenario’s pitched to McMahon about John Cena making that long awaited heel turn, it is being reported that McMahon is too afraid of how it will affect the company

According to Cagesideseats.com “a John Cena heel turn is unlikely because Vince McMahon continues to shoot down the idea. The reason for McMahon to ignore and reject the idea probably has to do with Cena’s placement in the WWE and the work he does on the side, specifically with the Make-a-Wish Foundation.”

While it is frustrating to hear that Vince McMahon has once again decided against doing something new storyline wise with John Cena, especially since we are supposedly in a new era of wrestling, the sentiment still rings true that John Cena is the only consistent merchandise seller that WWE has right now.

Of course that may be due to the fact that WWE is too afraid to take a chance on another superstar being that guy for the company, but nonetheless this leaves WWE in a state of limbo at this point in time. With that being said, we all know one day the trigger will have to be pulled and Cena will have to make that change into the heel character that fans believe he can be.

Unfortunately, that might take awhile as WWE is again unwilling to give anyone else that shot for a long period of time and will continue to rely on John Cena for the foreseeable future.