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According to WrestleTalkTV, Vince McMahon was reportedly furious and upset backstage with Goldberg’s “bleeding” promo on RAW this past week.

Although there might not be any repercussions for Goldberg considering his current booking, the fact still stands.Goldberg was seen bleeding from his forehead during his live appearance on the 23rd January 2017 edition on SmackDown.

With no cause to explain the possible origin of the injury, commentators Byron Saxton, Michael Cole and Corey Graves attributed it to Goldberg’s pre-match ritual of headbutting the locker room door on his way to the ring.

Goldberg started his promo and slurred a few of his lines before finally gaining his composure and carrying on with the promo as planned. Despite this, however, Goldberg’s forehead continued to bleed and he was only able to fix it up with some vaseline when the cameras panned to Brock Lesnar making his entrance.