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It has become one of the biggest talking points over the past few years, when or whether Vince McMahon would ever retire from the company and who would take over the reins when he did.

Vince has controlled the company for many years but there are many fans that are stating that he is out of touch with society nowadays and that it may make more sense when Triple H finally takes over.

That could be much further away than first thought since former Intercontinental Champions Pat Patterson stated in a recent interview that he doesn’t think Vince McMahon will be leaving his post anytime soon.


When asked in a recent interview with News Week if he thought Vince McMahon would ever retire from WWE he replied:

“Never. There was a convention for workaholics in Chicago once and I said to Vince: “You should go there.” You know what happened? No-one showed up… they were all too busy working.”

McMahon has stepped away from WWE many times and has been able to have many months away from television but he is always in the background ensuring that tasks are run smoothly and that the show is always the best it can be.

McMahon has been at the helm of WWE throughout all of its success as well as many of its failures, he is the kind of man who seems to enjoy the work load of running the biggest wrestling promotion in the world so it would be hard to see him retiring anytime soon.


Shane McMahon returned to the company earlier this year and has recently taken full control of SmackDown whilst Triple H has NXT and Stephanie McMahon is in control of Monday Night Raw.

It was rumored a few years ago that Shane first left the company seven years ago when it was made clear that Triple H and Stephanie would be taking control of the company when Vince finally stepped aside.

Now that Shane is back working within the company it makes it a little less clear who will be taking over from him when he does finally retire. Right now it seems that the company is running smoothly with all members of the McMahon family playing their part.

Vince McMahon’s retirement will always be a talking point in WWE, but as for now according to Pat Patterson it seems that there are no plans for The Boss to step down.