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A recent report has revealed an alleged intention of WWE Boss, Vince McMahon to bring back Alberto Del Rio who currently goes by the ring name Alberto El Patron under impact wrestling where he currently performs. He also had claimed to be contacted by the WWE as regards to his return at Q&A session recently held on periscope.

In any case, Alberto del Rio aka El Patron (real name Jose Rodriguez) has in the past performed for the WWE, until his recent departure, record holds it that he won some of the promotion’s biggest titles within his time of stay in 2010.

However, ever since his departure, he has been in completion with the company.

The fact now is that, Del Rio’s claims of being contacted to return the company have been confirmed by PWInsider.

However, WWE has also been accused by Del Rio of mistreating him therefore, posted a series of videos on social media, taking focus on the WWE and particularly Triple H.

When he was asked as regards to Burning Bridge with his former employers, he replied back with the words below:

“I’m not burning bridges. I don’t plan on going back there, it’s them already calling me to go back to that company, but I’m not going back ever, ever, ever. I’m too happy being out of that place.

It was me quitting that place, not staying in that place and not wanting to stay, even after they did everything to try to keep me in that company, I said, ‘no, I don’t want to be there.'”

More on the matter, he had also accused the WWE of being responsible for the leaked pic/video scandal involving his fiancee Saraya-Jade Bevis (WWE’s Paige), mentioning that he knows who was behind it all though refrained from calling name (s).

Be that as it may, the Mexican Superstar is still under contract with Impact Wrestling where he performs under the ring name Alberto El Patron.

Though as at the initial, Alberto’s claims seem a bit awkward but it was worth giving a thought considering the fact that Vince McMahon and co. had never been new to working with performers who even had a more ugly departure than Alberto. You never can tell, at least Bret Hart was brought back.

Notwithstanding, whatever the case maybe, Alberto cannot be expected back in the WWE’s ring anytime soon as he seems to be really angry with his former employers.