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The boss and CEO of the WWE Vince McMahon has really been underwhelm with the recent happenings in the WWE lately and most of his anger is being directed to the WWE Universe.

We had thought that Vince McMahon would have some sense of respect for his fans in the universe but the reverse has been the case of what we had thought.

Ever since the case as the reason behind Goldberg squashing Brock Lesnar was revealed, it became one of the biggest insults to ever take place in WWE history. Even worse, the insult is towards the fans who Vince McMahon says has short memories and wont mind such a shocker ending to the fall classic pay per view.

According to Many were overreacting about how the match made Lesnar look weak after ending Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania, but Vince McMahon felt no one would see the squash coming and it would generate the most buzz.

The Chairman doesn’t think one loss will damage Lesnar and he always relies on the fans having a short memory” While the ending to the match was very shocking, enough so that it put the internet into a tailspin for several days following the event, doesn’t that last part seem a little insulting?

He basically just called The WWE Universe a bunch of brain dead morons who wont remember a thing the next day. That they’ll just sit there and take what is given to them without complaint, which is sometimes the case, but its not always true.

In fact, a lot of fans, probably not enough for McMahon to see any dip in his profits though, have gone to the independent circuit for their pro wrestling entertainment and very few of them come back. With that being said, should Vince McMahon keep up his jackass behavior and continue to insult the fans, or be a little more thankful for them instead?