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Vince McMahon Finally Reveals His Plans For Apollo Crews

It is obvious that Vince McMahon is not an easy man to toil with and he is very strict when it comes to talents in the WWE at large. He is hardly impressed and easily offended. A story has just been told of how unhappy he is now with another NXT called-up star, Apollo Crews. Vince is not an easy man to please.

Reports states that the NXT superstar who made his debut in to the WWE main rooster has fallen in favor in sight of Vince McMahon this is because he fails to generate traction with the audience. Though, it is reported that his in-ring ability is quite impressing but the problem he has is that since his debut he has not being able to generate any real traction with the WWE audience.

To add salt to injury, Apollo Crews’ case has really grown worse as he recently received more backstage heat in his recent match against Chris Jericho at an episode of Monday Night Raw and this was over botching spots. It was really very incredible, tough and indeed rough.

Well, looking at the physical state of Apollo Crews, he has well embodied and fit but it seems that his main rooster debut has not truly met up with the requirement of the WWE. It is revealed that Vince McMahon expects much of him most especially now that he is working with a Veteran like Sheamus.

Furthermore, what Vince McMahon really expects from Apollo Crews is his ability to cheer the audience and not just wrestling. Though, when it comes to wrestling in the ring, he is good but he cannot just cheer up the WWE fans or Audience and Vince will not want the fans to just sit and watch fighting he also wants them to be happy, and make some noise.