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According to Dailywrestlingnews, the WWE boss Vince McMahon has gone high on another superstar who’s making the whole of the WWE officials go on rampage.

Many had thought that Big cass and Enzo Amore were not in for big business after their debut last year but the talents turn out to prove to the WWE universe that they are something else. As it was reported earlier, Vince McMahon was impressed with the work of Big Cass since his arrival on the main roster.

Report has it that Big Cass is really making big progress in WWE; Cass’s stock has been on a rise among WWE Officials. After the main roster debut of Big Cass and Enzo during the April 4th episode of Raw last year, fans has come to like the display of these dudes.

More so, report has it that since after their Main Roster debut, Mr.McMahon is high on Big Cass and he sees the former NXT Talent as a big future star which means that Big Cass may be getting a singles push at the time of Brand Split and this may eventually leads to the breakup of the tag team.

Well, with all these been said, WWE may still want to keep the team intact until the time is quite favorable for them to split.