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The WWE boss Vince McMahon has a powerful way of getting impressed and as it is he hardly becomes happy with any of the WWE superstars and when he is angry, none of the superstars can withstand his wrath because he will ensure that his thoughts are executed in any given time and sections.

Vince McMahon has never loved a wrestler who is slimly bodied or without big muscles and this is pretty why when AJ Styles made it to WWE in January, lots of persons thought and wondered that his run with the WWE company will not just go well for him because he is not with big body or muscle as it is the choice and likes of Vince McMahon. The fact that he was not with big muscles and body, had hindered his coming to WWE at first.

You agree with me that one of the most common things about WWE Chairman Vince McMahon over the years, it’s that he likes size and muscles, which is why we’ve seen guys like Braun Strowman and Apollo Crews get called up to the main roster way before they were ready to be there. Now it is reported by that Vince McMahon is greatly regretting the fact that he signed in AJ Styles too late and he had wished that he signed him since 10 years ago.

Furthermore, it is revealed that Vince McMahon is slightly giving up on Roman Reigns even before his 30 days suspension for violating the WWE wellness policy. Reports states that the push which was made for Roman Reigns will now go to AJ Styles instead and this may seem somehow absurd to fans who really loves Roman Reigns.

More so, reports states that Vince McMahon has plans to make AJ Styles and John Cena the face of SmackDown while Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins the face of RAW, but with the goings of things now, we are not to imagined what the WWE may just come up with because things can change in any minutes in the WWE.