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The match kicked off with much expectation that it is going to end with Seth Rollins taking the championship belt home but as the result later gave, the reverse was the case for Dean Ambrose was awarded the belt.

Many at times, fans have called Seth Rollins a cheat which he tried to portray there in the ring but he was caught and was made to pay for it. Reports states that Seth Rollins left with the belt after Stephanie McMahon who is now the commissioner of the Monday Night RAW Show proclaimed him the new WWE Champion, but his ecstasy was short-lived.

Well, as it is though, Seth Did not went away with the title because Dean Ambrose retained his title and was also declared the champion of last night. Reports states that the footage was inspected and when it was found that both their shoulders were on the canvas, the referee ruled it a draw, then after, the title was restored to Dean Ambrose, enraging Rollins who attacked his former Shield comrade. The ever-resilient Ambrose countered it and hit the Dirty Deeds as the segment wound down.

More so, after the match, the WWE tweeted that Dean Ambrose will have to show up at the WWE Battleground with the championship belt and he will be defending his title against Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns and the match definitely will take place on the return day of Roman Reigns which is on Saturday in Wildwoods, New Jersey. See tweet below: