WWE NEWS: Will Vince McMahon Ever Return To WWE Television Again? – See What’s Happening…

It is obvious that the boss of the WWE, Vince McMahon has limited his show up to the company lately and as the boss, he deserves it for even he has come of age and not longer a young man. We can count the number of times the boss Vince McMahon has appeared on the WWE Television this year after his last appearance last year.

Source is reporting that Vince McMahon made a return to WWE television last year after over a year. It was to help elevate Roman Reigns and his Wrestlemania push. He frequently started appearing thereafter, and his program for Wrestlemania was creating animosity between Shane McMahon and The Undertaker for their Hell in a Cell match. The given stipulation for the match was that if Shane won, he would take control of Monday Night Raw. However, he lost, but despite that, he got control for the next 4 weeks of Raw anyway.

At Payback, Vince McMahon appeared again after just short of a month and announced that both Shane and Stephanie McMahon would be in control of Raw. His next appearance wouldn’t be until the Raw before the draft, where he announced that Shane McMahon would the commissioner of Smackdown Live, whereas Stephanie would be the commissioner of Raw. After that, he has not appeared on-screen.

Vince McMahon has not been backstage the past two weeks. Nobody seems to have an answer as to why, but it is being said that he is also not expected backstage next week either and won’t be there until SummerSlam. This indicates, Vince could very well be back on TV at the biggest pay-per-view of the summer. This is quite awesome as the Summerslam is said to be the second trending event of the year after the WrestleMania 32 and it is really going to be hot as it has lots of huge matches already in its card, such as the Viper, Randy Orton VS The Beast, Brock Lesnar and lots more including Roman Reigns vs. Rusev for the US championship title.