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Is WWE ready to cut their ties with The one of the most popular Diva?

While some might believe she has many more years left in her inside The WWE’s squared circle, a new report is speculating that Paige and WWE will be parting ways in the near future.

The report states that many inside of The WWE are worried about The Anti Diva’s status with the company and her latest injury that pulled her off an upcoming tour has only made things worse.

According to WWE Rumor Roundup”While Paige is currently out of action due to an injury, there are other behind-the-scenes issues that she has working against her.

Many believe that Paige and boyfriend Alberto Del Rio were drafted to separate brands in the WWE Draft because of heat from officials. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that just a few weeks back, insiders in the company were very worried about her status.”

Is this the end? Who knows, but with her boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio, being rumored to leave the company in September, it cant be that out of the realm of possibilities that Paige will be following him. She has already stated her unhappiness with the company over where and how late she was drafted a few weeks ago and seeing her boyfriend being underutilized and forced out of the company might just be the final straw for Paige.