WWE NEWS: WWE Discovers Another Chyna After Her Death – See Who Is Replacing The Dead Chyna…

The death of the former WWE women’s champion Chyna was indeed one that got everyone thinking and worried. Her death shook the whole WWE Universe and beyond.

When Chyna passed away, it was rumored that she died due to porn. In short, lots of rumors went out regarding to her death. But after some proper investigations, it was discovered that Chyna died as a result of drug abuse.

It has been some months since her death but the WWE cannot just stop talking about her. Latest WWE rumor states that WWE has found another champion with the likes of Chyna and it was rumored, the Diva happened to be Eva Marie of the WWE women division.

Eva Marie is an unskilled Diva but very pretty as a diva. She has underwent series of training but still not competent enough to stand as WWE champion in the women division wrestling. The things found in her that made them say that Eva Marie has the likes of Chyna is the fact that she is brave and smart even though she has limited skills in the ring.

More so, fans have even started calling her Chyna instead of her name, Eva Marie. The deceased, Chyna has a prominent dating history with Triple H and ever since her breakup with Triple H, we did not hear anything about her as she left the company. Chyna was an actress just like Eva Marie is right now. Eva Marie is succeeding the place of Chyna in the WWE.