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Fans has kept asking the question, Who is Alicia Fox dating? This is just one question on the mouth of wrestling fans worldwide. Now, an answer to this question is been revealed.

They want to see what the American model, actress, and professional wrestler is doing off the ring. They want to know who she is sharing her soft life with. They want to know who she shares her emotional issues with and how she cooked herself together to emerge as a Superstar.
The internet is polluted with rumors as regards who the “The Foxy One” is dating.

For the heck of it, Victoria Elizabeth Crawford is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE under the ring name Alicia Fox. She has really done a good job on her private life as not much could be said on her relationship status. The most pronounce part of her soft life could be dated back to 2011 and 2012 when the Diva dated Wade Barrett but later broke up.

Wade Barrett was the one that broke up with her and not otherwise. According to the report, Barrett told Alicia Fox that he can no longer date her because he doesn’t see himself marrying her. With that being so, there’s no point continuing with the relationship Barrett said. You can see the full report here.

But all that is water under the bride now as rumor going round says that the two love birds are working to see that they bring back their relationship again. But that’s unlikely. We do not see the two of them coming back again. Also our sources revealed that the two have gone their separate ways for life. So for the now, there’s no report that stamps that Alicia Fox is dating anyone.

But our news crew have commenced investigation and we shall you report if anything comes up.