WWE NEWS: WWE Diva Alicia Fox Reveals Off Camera Troubles – OMG! See What The Diva Just Revealed…

Not all that are outside WWE would know what it means to be talents in the WWE Company. Too many of these outsiders have given what they feel about their favorite superstars and divas. Reacting to this, Alicia Fox spoke concerning the negative point of views of folks around her.

In a recent interview, she said, “”It’s funny because some people kind of think we’re just Barbie dolls dressed up in swimsuits, which is totally far from the point,” “Like a lot of my colleagues… my Diva sisters are all very intelligent women. They’re strong athletes and really understand we’re role models, and we want to push through and also accomplish goals we’ve set along our journey as well. We’re all growing and we’re all learning together.”

Speaking further, the diva revealed that she has got some passion to go study fashion law, she has got a chase and passion for it. “Education is really big for my parents so they were like, ‘Don’t forget your school. Don’t forget to study,'” Fox said of her family’s reaction when she first started training to become a Diva in 2006. “But they were all super-pumped, super-supportive. And it was the best decision I’ve made so far.”

And that decision hasn’t limited her from pursuing other aspects of her life. “The only limits out there are the ones I put on myself,” Fox explained.

“As long as I’ve been in WWE I learn and appreciate and respect many more parts of it. It’s just such a growing career and, myself, just growing with the things I’ve learned as a performer.” As for her five-year plan, Fox hopes to continue with the WWE while also finishing her degree.