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The Diva Eva Marie whose real name is Natalie Marie Coyle was recently suspended by the WWE due to violation of the company’s wellness policy.

It was revealed that the suspension was meant to last for 30 days being the punishment for the first violation. Eva Marie was not the only one suspended at this time, it has been reported before now that Paige and her boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio has been suspended for violating the company’s wellness policy as well. Their suspension also is to last for 30 days each.

Eva was scheduled for SummerSlam match who comes up this Sunday the 21st of August. Reports states that she was scheduled to appear on Sunday (August 21st) in the SummerSlam match between Carmella, Becky Lynch & Naomi vs. Natalya, Alexa Bliss & herself but on the match listing, it now reads that Eva will be “out of action for 30 days” and has left the match “in a state of uncertainty”.

Though, reports have not been stated if she will be replaced by another superstar Diva in the match at SummerSlam. Speaking in regard to the suspension of Eva Marie, Jonathan Coyle who is said to be the husband of the WWE Diva, Eva Marie reacted to his wife’s suspension via twitter saying that his wife was unjustly suspended and that when the public finds out, they’ll be “absolutely outraged”. But could this really be true?

Well, we can say it is to an extent, but to another, we can just say that she deserves to be suspended. For some months now, the WWE has been pushing the Diva in spite her poor in-ring ability and use of mic. Fans seem not to like the Diva because she is most times boring and makes the ring very dull at times. So, her suspension may just be to keep her off scene while she learn and improve her skills and witty ability in mic.