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The WWE is gradually turning into a world of lovers a universe where athletes date each others. The whole love story in the WWE has heaped to become a thing of either joy or sorrow.

Alberto Del Rio has been away from the WWE for some years now, he only returned early this year and upon his return fell in love with another Diva Paige. Reports states that Alberto has once dated the women’s champion Charlotte before letting go off her to mingle with Paige and this affairs has really caused problems in between Divas where Paige and Charlotte had to show contempt against each other which even lead to a fight in the ring of WWE.

WWE observing that Paige and Charlotte are not in talking terms over one man they make them wrestle in the ring with the outside enmity which they had for each other. It is revealed that even now, Paige and Alberto Del Rio are on the verge for separations in their relationship due to the fact that they were both drafted in to different brands. Report states that Paige has deleted all Alberto’s post in her Instagram just to prove her grief.

Not quite long ago, it was reported that Paige and her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio was arrested for the offense of domestic violence though they were released the same day. Then we thought that the incident will cost them their relationship but it did not; this lovers still carried on with their relationship but now it seem that the recent WWE brand split will split these cohabiting couples.

Furthermore, the WWE seems to have been done with Alberto Del Rio because it was rumored that Del Rio will not renew his contract with the WWE ones it expires. And on the other hand, Alberto Del Rio is still very serious of him leaving WWE due to the fact he said that ever since his return to WWE the WWE has not given him a vital role to play. Paige will surely lost Del Rio no doubt!