WWE NEWS: WWE Finally Reveals Huge Plans For Bray Wyatt After A Loss – See Details…

Bray Wyatt, has always been looked upon as one of the most underused talents in the records of the WWE.

Despite having little or no time, the fans have a craving, stirring, burning passion to see The Eater of Worlds reach the peak of the WWE mountain. Moreover, although he is a heel, he still gets as much support as possible from the fans, most likely, due to his outstanding character which stands out.

He previously, has been compared to The Undertaker before, and in his interview with The Mirror, he said something about his match with Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31, and what The Phenom brings to the table.

“I think just the aura he brings, man, it’s never duplicated. I have been in there with some real studs like The Rock [at WrestleMania 32 this year] who has that kind of aura, John Cena has his own aura, but The Undertaker, there is no duplicating that. It’s just a feeling that he gives off man, which is just ‘wow’, it’s just real man, and getting ready to square off with him, watching him walk down, I’ve never felt so alive. I couldn’t wait for that bell to ring.”

The Eater Of Worlds is currently on SmackDown Live, involved in a program with Randy Orton and Kane, where he defeated Randy Orton in the main event of No Mercy, through the help of the returning Luke Harper.

Wyatt and Harper were in a feud with Orton and Kane, but in this very past week’s episode of Smackdown Live, Orton turned on Kane and hit him with an RKO. This made Bray Wyatt able to pin The Big Red Machine in their No Disqualification match.

Orton said, “If you can’t beat em’, join em’”, but it is not certain as of now, whether it is a whole-hearted turn around. Because, he did a similar thing in 2014-15; where he was taken out by Seth Rollins who stood for The Authority and returned to join the Authority once more only to turn against them.

It is possible that he may turn on Wyatt to further their storyline. Not to mention, Smackdown Live needs some top babyfaces.
After Wrestlemania 32, they were seriously going towards making Bray Wyatt a babyface. Unfortunately, he got injured within a few weeks, and the angle where The Wyatts would take on The League Of Nations was jeopardized.

It was a pity because Wyatt started getting excellent reactions from the fans. He is one of those wrestlers who fans want to stand with. WWE Hall Of Famers Stone Cold and Jim Ross have both agreed that Bray Wyatt is “a babyface waiting to happen”.

The fact that fans still hope he gets a huge push someday is all matters. He is surely one of those wrestlers who can gain heat with the crowd in a few months, and be ready to go to the main event level. He is on Smackdown Live, the land of opportunity after all, so it should only be a matter of time before The Eater Of Worlds is seen in the main event scene.