WWE NEWS: WWE Finally Reveals Plans For The Shield After Their Reunion — See Huge Details…

For the last year, many fans have vocally booed Roman Reigns despite the WWE trying to make him their biggest face star.

Fans who cheered for Reigns when he was in The Shield felt he was the wrong person to push at the time of his elevation in the company. However, there are times that Roman gets cheered, and many of those are when the WWE teases a Shield reunion.

That happened again last night on WWE Monday Night Raw. Things started out much the same for Roman Reigns. Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens were giving Mick Foley a hard time when he admitted that he needed them on the Raw Survivor Series team that will face the SmackDown stars. Then, Mick said that he also needed “the guy” on the team as well, and Roman Reigns came out.

The WWE fans hated it and booed Roman Reigns as they always do. In the main event, Chris Jericho got a chance to fight Reigns for Roman’s United States Championship, and the two put on a great match. However, just when Reigns was about to pin Jericho, Kevin Owens attacked and the two beat down Roman Reigns.

Finally, Seth Rollins made the save. He took out Kevin Owens and hit a suicide dive from the ring for good measure and then took down Jericho with a flying knee strike. Just when Rollins was about to hit the Pedigree, Owens saved Jericho. Then, the show ended with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins staring at each other teasing a Shield reunion as the fans all chanted “Yes.”

When the WWE moved Dean Ambrose to SmackDown Live, the company pretty much closed the door on a full-fledged Shield reunion. However, that doesn’t stop them from teasing a smaller Shield reunion with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, if only for Survivor Series. The interesting thing here is that the third member, Ambrose, will likely be on the opposing team.

For the entire year after The Shield broke up, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose teamed up to keep the spirit alive while Rollins was the biggest heel in the WWE. However, the WWE has never seen Reigns and Rollins team up against Ambrose, which might be strange if Ambrose remains a face on SmackDown Live.

Cageside Seats reported back in September that the WWE was considering a Shield reunion. The reports at the time came from professional wrestling insider Dave Meltzer who said that the WWE wanted to pull off a Shield reunion at either the Survivor Series or Royal Rumble.