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It has been quite an interesting year for fans of the Phenom

What started out as rumors of The Undertaker being done with The WWE after an argument with Vince McMahon before WrestleMania 32 has now become confirmation that the deadman will rise at Smackdown 900 and might just get a little piece of the action as well.

While this is just a rumor at this time, it appears that WWE officials are throwing around the idea of having The Undertaker reunite with Kane and take on Randy Orton at the upcoming show. This would of course involve a member of The Wyatt family, but no word on who yet.

According to” The Undertaker will return at Smackdown 900 and a feud with The Wyatt Family is already being discussed and finalized. The thought is that The Wyatt Family will continue to beat down on Kane, forcing him to reunite The Brothers of destruction to take on the new face of fear and his family.

No word yet on who would go over in a match like this, but it with Wyatt’s current push on Smackdown live in mind, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities for The Wyatt family to avenge their lose from a few years ago and finally even the score.

This is also a huge departure from the initial rumor that The Undertaker would just be making an appearance at the upcoming Smackdown special. With that being said, its not that far out that The Undertaker would reunite with Kane to form The Brothers of Destruction, especially since that would allivate The Undertaker from needing to be in the ring for very long. In fact, if The WWE just gives The Undertaker the hot tag at the end of the match and has him look strong in defeat, there is no way that fans wont leave the show happy.