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The triple threat match at No Mercy really revealed the minds of fans and the actions of top WWE officials proved that they have longed for it that way also. Fortunately, AJ Styles won again and for this, Dean Ambrose will have to go out of the picture for some time.

It is revealed at the match at No Mercy that AJ Styles successfully defended his WWE World Heavyweight Championship title and won it back to continue reigning as the champ that runs the camp since he has defeated John Cena and Dean Ambrose in the controversial triple threat match.

Observably, the WWE No Mercy pay-per-view which just ended marked the third time that Dean Ambrose had failed in a WWE Championship match since he lost the title at Backlash, and, according to report from a reliable source, Dean Ambrose may not be getting another shot at the title any time soon.

According to source, WWE is apparently considering moving Dean Ambrose back into the mid-card, with their mindset being that they need to rebuild him for a future shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Of course, there’s no timetable for when they want to put him back in the title picture, and it’s unclear who he’ll begin feuding with on Tuesday’s SmackDown Live.

It was also suggested that Dean Ambrose would begin a feud with John Cena, with the winner of the feud earning another shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which means that the feud’s winner will be getting another one on one match with AJ Styles at some point. Until the feud begins, WWE would have to send Dean Ambrose out of the championship picture.