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It should come as no surprise that WrestleMania is where names are made in The WWE.

Not only is it WWE’s biggest pay per view of the entire year, it is also a way for The WWE to establish a future company star as well. That’s what happened to John Cena at WrestleMania 21, when he defeated JBL for the very first WWE title victory of his career. While it probably wasn’t Cena’s best match ever at WrestleMania, it was enough to solidy him as a future star of the company.

The same might be happening with Big Cass, who is rumored to be Lesnar’s next opponent after Lesnar’s return match at Summerslam. Furthermore, it is being rumored by Dave Meltzer that Lesnar may actually take a loss to the rising star as well. While no one knows when this match is rumored to take place, or even if WWE will change its mind on the matter, it seems that at match at WrestleMania 33 would be the perfect place to do it.

Think about it! WWE’s not going to waste a match like that at The Royal Rumble, Survivor Series or TLC. Doing so would not only legitimize the win for Big Cass and do nothing for him career wise, it would also severely hurt the drawing power that having this match at WrestleMania 33 could create. The only question left to ask is, will this be a match that wrestling fans want to see, or does it pale in comparison to other dream matches that could be done?

Although the match probably wont have the drawing power of a rematch between The Rock and Brock Lesnar, it will be amazing to see if WWE actually decides to go through with this plan and give Big Cass the victory over The Beast Incarnate. If they do, it could mean huge things for Cass’s career and might even put him into the world title conversation in the months after WrestleMania 33. He might even be a future Money In The Bank winner!