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The WWE Television time for some superstars has notably shrunk and as new superstars emerges, the old stars are been put over making the WWE a continuous era with the emergence of newer athlete to the company.

The Television time for Mark Henry has shrunk over some years and report has it that his role on the screen has switched from a dominating monster to a veteran putting over younger talent. This is a means of many to come to Mark Henry because the latest happenings had led to him getting more roles off screen which seems good to him as well anyways.

Lately, the commissioner of the WWE Monday Night RAW, Stephanie McMahon officially made an announcement that Mark Henry will be the WWE Ambassador for the Summer Olympics in Rio. The games kick off later this week and Henry will be there representing the company. Wow, what an awesome privilege it is to be honored like that as becoming a representing figure of the WWE. Henry won the WWE championship title in 2011 and has been on competing with big names such as Randy Orton and others.

It is revealed that Mark Henry signed with the WWE in 1996 and has been with them ever since; Henry’s contract with the WWE expires September of this year, and he has been quite open about the fact that he doesn’t intend to sign an extension. However, this does not mean that he will be done with WWE altogether.

More so, Mark Henry had a few notable feuds with the likes of The Undertaker, Kurt Angle and Batista during the Ruthless Aggression era. Report states that Henry is the second longest tenured performer on the roster, behind only The Undertaker. During the Attitude Era, Henry was known for his “Sexual Chocolate” gimmick.