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Recently on the wrestling news observer, the highly reputed journalist, Dave Meltzer reported that the former WWE former rejected superstar is highly sought by the WWE.

Meltzer noted that Matt Hardy has creative control of his character in TNA, and makes his own schedule and does well on the independent scene.

“With WWE there’s the killer schedule which probably isn’t the best thing for him physically right now,” Meltzer wrote. “Granted, if something happens to TNA, that equation changes because he’s loaded with ideas for his character and he would need television to get them over.”

As noted, I recently spoke with former WWE star Kevin Thorn, a.k.a. Mordecai. During the interview, I asked him why former WWE stars weren’t re-signing with the company despite being offered deals.

“The majority of the guys know they’re going to push the guys they’re going to push,” Thorn said. “You’re really going there to be an enhancement talent within reason. Yeah, they’re going to say they’re going to do these big vignettes for you, but all you’re really there to do is to get the next guys over.”

Thorn noted that the money wasn’t good enough for talent to re-sign to be an enhancement talent.

“Not the way downsides are done,” Thorn noted. “They’ll blow you up or give you a downside, but you’ll use that up in three months and then they’ll starve you out the rest of the year. A lot of guys already have had that done. Jimmy Wang Yang, those guys that were prior. There [were] guys that were just starting when I was there because they weren’t being used, but they were brought to TVs two nights, so they had to pay hotel, rent a car, food while they’re there, and everything else, and they’re only making $500, $600 a week because they’ve already blown through their downside. So with taxes and everything else, guys are getting $75,000 to $150,000 downsides. By the time you pay taxes, your road expenses, and everything else, really and truly, you’re only making $40,000, $35,000. So what’s the point?”