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Two things are involved in any organization, industry or company. It is either you are allowed to stay or you are fired. Whichever may be case, the fate must just be accepted with open minds.

No head man or woman would want to fire a hard working, dedicated and committed staff for any reasons whatsoever. And again, no head man or woman would want to keep a lazy and uninspiring staff with him or herself. Every true thing deserves to last for a fairly long time or even forever depending as the case may be.

It has been revealed that some superstars are on their way out of the WWE for incompetence and more. The WWE has planned to fire five superstars who they are no longer pleased with. According to report, every year, usually around early-to-mid May, there’s a very tense period amongst the WWE locker rooms. Some call it WWE’s version of “Black Friday.” It’s a period of time in which WWE’s powers that be crunch numbers evaluate talent and make the difficult decision of who stays and who goes. While most of the WWE Superstars keep a job, there are some who are wished well on their future endeavors.

The first on the list is Big Show who seems to have finished his dealings with the WWE and as a matter of fact, Big Show has nothing left to prove and very little to offer. So, the only remedy for his career is just to let him go. The next on the list is Brie Bella who has before now, made her intention clear about her in-ring actions and entire WWE career. She has to be let go any way.

Furthermore, other superstars include, Mojo Rawley, Curtis Axel and Eva Marie respectively. The case of Eva Marie has become a thorn on the flesh to WWE entirely because in several occasions she has been made to undergo training but still, she lacks the competency to stand as a superstar in the WWE. So, the option for the WWE now, is just to let her go.