WWE NEWS: WWE Legend Bray Wyatt Openly Challenged By Another Superstar – See Full Details…

The eater of worlds as Bray Wyatt is often times called is the chief of one of the most powerful stable The Wyatt’s family. It is revealed that there have been social media wars between Bray Wyatt and Broken Matt Hardy. It really seems that Hardy has long time want to wrestle with the eater of worlds, Bray Wyatt.

Lately, it has been otherwise stated that this two has drawn their length of their war from the social media network in to making it real life stuff as Matt Hardy decided to challenge Bray Wyatt for a fight.
This reason for this is very simple that one can just say that Hardy hates boosters, but Bray Wyatt on his own believes himself and what he can execute which means, he didn’t boast but voiced out the truth.

Matt Hardy was a former TNA superstar and it is known that the TNA has ran a ‘Final Deletion’ match between the Hardy brothers Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy which became a talking point among fans due to its unique setup. Similarly, the WWE recently showed the match between The Wyatt’s Family and The New Day Stable which almost took to the form of the Final Deletion of both Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Reports states that after the match, Broken Matt Hardy abusively called Bray Wyatt names saying that he is a trendsetter; on the other hand, Bray Wyatt reacted to the post by responding with his post saying that him(Bray Wyatt) is the most creative thing the wresting world has ever had ever. Matt Hardy got furious on hearing this from Bray Wyatt and then he had to openly challenge him for a fight. This actually means that soon or late we shall see the match screamed live Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt. See tweets below: