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This is not the first time to reporting the ill health of legends. WWE is a very large existing company where even some wrestlers has passed away and died while some others are left with different sickness as the case may be.

Reports states that WWE Hall of Famer George Steele who is also known as The Animal is battling with some health issues which threaten to take his life. , George Steele is a long time wrestling who joined the career in sixties. “Duh-da-dahh” which this Hall of Famer is known for as he wont utter any word .

George Steele has faced lots of fighters including, Macho Man’ Randy Savage. George Steel finally retired from the company in 1988 due to Crohn’s disease. Reports state that this disease is incurable. The reason why he was being The Animal was because he always behave like an animal.

Another WWE Hall of Famer posted on Twitter asking fans to pray for The Animal because he is in a very critical condition. See tweets below: