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Two-time WWE Hall Of Famer has made a note that implied WWE Champion, Roman Reigns is a true Champion and has survived all the odds and now soaring in glory.

Charlotte’s manager and two-time WWE Hall Of Famer, Ric Flair was speaking a little while ago on ‘Y2J’ Chris Jericho and he made a note about famous WWE Champion, Roman Reigns.

When Ric Flair was asked on Talk Is Jericho about competency and ability to work through odds to success. Flair didn’t hesitate in saying that the crowds are unpredictable; hence one cannot say for certain what they would do at any particular point in time until the curtain is separated and the real thing surfaces.

These are his words: “You really don’t know what the crowd is going to do until you go out there through the curtain, right? “

He went further to buttress his point with these words: “You can have something all planned out and they’re not going to buy it. I mean, that’s the great thing about having Roman [Reigns].”

According to Flair, WWE brass took the right decision for standing in solidarity for Roman Reigns all this while. Hence he pinned that fans have already fallen for the Champion and it would be virtually impractical to boo him now.

“Look at the match him and AJ [Styles] had [at WWE Payback]. Holy cow! What a match. Start, restart, start, restart. And you know, AJ flies around. [Jericho] should know. He works [Jericho’s] style of work, but Roman hung right there with him for 30 minutes. Roman [has] got legs. It makes him a better performer. You can’t [boo him] anymore. But he just had to work hard to win them over. But the company just proves everybody right. They did the right thing. Bret [Hart], I just saw Bret the other day, but Bret was hammering the company for the way they treat Roman. Roman’s as happy as can be. Bret’s fine now too! As long as he can put the Sharpshooter on me, he’s happy.”