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What manner of things seems to have been happening around WWE ever since WrestleMania came to an end? It is obvious that lots of scenarios has proven that there are some legends who has finally packed their bags out of the company.

During the show at Orlando, lots of top legends such as The Undertaker, Triple H showed up, of which we saw how Roman Reigns retired the Undertaker at the event show that night.

It is revealed that there were few other legends of the Company who didn’t showed up at the event due to one reason or the other. The Rock had to miss the event due to his filming program which was scheduled to hold the night of WrestleMania.

Among others, Stone Cold Steve Austin was not seen either anywhere near the WWE ring and it was believed that his contract with the company has expired. Report according to The Wrestling Observer has it that, Austin’s contract has expired with the company and that’s why he wasn’t at any events during WrestleMania weekend in Orlando.

Reporting further, the Observer stated that Austin’s podcast was once one of the biggest view getters on The WWE Network, but was apparently canned after negative reviews for his podcast interview with Dean Ambrose. Watch the interview below: