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Who would have thought that this WWE Legend will ever make up his mind to return to the ring after staying away for quite a long time like this. though, let see the report of Dave Meltzer on how Vince McMahon is reacting to his return.

We have heard about rumors and true facts about the return of superstars to the ring and this time it seems that a popular is on his way back.

According to report, Kurt Angle has been away from the WWE Company FOR ten years due to injury. Angle has been out there and there is pretty no work out there. Lately, a reader threw the question of whether Vince McMahon is planning to bring back Angle but according to Dave Meltzer,Vince McMahon is adamantly opposed to the idea, and has been for quite some time.

Furthermore, it is so painful to notice that Angle’s wrestling career has been halted with drug, alcohol that has been low-lighted by multiple DUI’s. His injury history has been well-documented. And Vince won’t wants to bring him back, instead he plans something else.

More so, described that Angle had an interview with The World According Dave Meltzer and below are his words: “when I did try and go back a year and a half ago, I think they were thinking “Let’s see how he pans out, let’s see if he can stay clean, let’s see if he got his shit together” so I think that’s part of it. I don’t blame them for that. I actually knew ahead of time that they were most likely going to say no. And I knew it was because of my own actions. But being clean now for”

The story now is that Vince McMahon is not ready to bring back Kurt Angle and that settles it. As things are going now there is nothing that can ever convince Vince to bring back Kurt Angle to the WWE field of wrestling.