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WWE icon Ric Flair has pressed the wrong button again and he always does that. Trust me, Flair is the first man that will start telling the stories of his ups and downs including the troubles his exuberant life has handed him and just now, another trouble has hit him again.

While the world is still trying to manage how Flair could takedown his daughter in the last episode of Monday Night Raw, Cary Silkin, the erstwhile owner of Ring of Honor before Sinclair bought the company, is still determined to have his money paid.

Reports revealed that Ric Flair owes Silkin $41,000 and that has a breakdown:

The ROH lawsuit filed against the 67-year old WWE legend and it states that Flair collected a $10,000 advance and was later given $35,000 for television appearances which he was supposed to use to play an authority for the company.

As things ran down along the line, Flair could not keep up his side of the bargain claiming that his WWE contract would not allow him to fill the role and ended up making only one appearance.

In few days’ time, Flair is having an autograph signing which is supposed to worth about $5 million to him and Silkin has given his word that he would make the day miserable for Flair — That he wouldn’t mind getting physical with the WWE Hall of Famer.

As at the time of filing this report, Flair has neither admitted nor deny the allegation. We bring you more updates….