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Being the second superstar to perform in every pay-per-view in a calendar year of the WWE, Charlotte has become the workhorse of the WWE Women’s division. Charlotte became the second superstar to in the history of WWE to have performed on every pay-per-view after Kevin Owens who was the first and only. Charlotte being the next is quite interesting.

Charlotte’s father Ric Flair has always been beside her to ensure she gets the best out of career because the dad was also a wrestling champion in his time but now a Hall of Fame member in the WWE. All through the time of Charlotte’s heel turn, her father Ric Flair has always been seen beside her but after Extreme Rules, however, she disowned Flair in the storyline, in favour of Dana Brooke. Through much of the 6 months where he was by her side, Charlotte had barely ever won clean. After him leaving, she has lost considerably more amount of matches.

More so, it is revealed that if Charlotte loses her match at the WWE SummerSlam then it would be specified her place after the match. According to report, there has been some discussion within WWE about bringing back Flair to possibly manage someone else who would then feud with Charlotte. Early before now, we had reported that WWE officials are high on Dana Brooke and they want to give her a push as soon as possible that is why she was paired with Charlotte in the first place.

Furthermore, with the way things are going, we could say that Ric Flair could be aligned with Barley after her official call-up to the main roster which is set to take place after the WWE Summerslam. And it is revealed that Charlotte will be facing Barley at the WWE SummerSlam event.