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Many a times in the WWE records of dead superstars and even severely injured and sick superstars and Hall of Famers have been kept. Though, the WWE is a place of comfort to some other superstars who are really in the making and craving for huge success.

It is reported that the WWE Hall Of Famer George “The Animal” Steele who has been in the hospital for over three months and some days of illness have been discharged from the hospital after wasting quite a huge number of days in the hospital. After he was released, he posted a message via twitter to his fans you will see tweet below this post.

George “The Animal” Steele as he is called has been battling with kidney issues since all this years and because of the kidney issue, he was admitted to the hospital for proper checkups and treatments which has been carried on him and has been discharged. George “The Animal” Steele joined the WWE in 1967 after his in-ring debut as usual. George “The Animal” Steele has an in-ring tactics for his savage physique he was quickly hired by the WWE Company. After he has been hired he started facing big superstars as at then like legendary Bruno Sammartino who was a Hall of Famer, and for him to have been wrestling with such a star it means that he was highly leveled after his debut.

More so, Steele was mocked by many fans and wrestlers saying that he is not well trained as a wrestler and also because he has little wrestling background to boast of. He was also mocked by fans who thought he has little wrestling tactics. But even at this, George “The Animal” Steele still wrestled for complete 21 years before finally retiring in 1988 after being one of the prominent faces of the company as at 80s.