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It was reported by an unknown identity that the relationship between the Hall of Famer and WWE has ameliorated to the extent that Vince McMahon and his cabinet might one day open way for him to come in.

The, has it that the WWE still believes that Hulk Hogan is still very much marketable as in the past and it could be that he is waiting for the right time to return.

After Hulk Hogan was caught on tape saying the n-word, though the recording was illegally published, every traces of his existence were removed from the organization. His profile was removed from the WWE Hall of Famer and even the vendors stopped selling his merchandise. And was replaced as a judge on Touch Enough by the Miz.

Hulk Hogan sued Gawker for defamation of character, loss of privacy, emotional pain that they caused him in the now sensational trial that won him $115 million. Peter Thiel a billionaire entrepreneur and investor funded Hogan that was outed by the website a few years ago.

Gawker filed a case for bankruptcy after the trial was reported being bought by IGN the owner of Ziff Davis for $90 million. On the irony, Hogan is now part of a committee whose interest is to protect the interests of Gawker’s creditors and see that are paid back as much as they as owed.