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After so many years of Addiction to alcohol, it still so embarrassing that it is somehow impossible to get of it. WWE is ultimately not happy with the kind of bad names most superstars and legend brings to the company.

Report states that after many years being addicted to alcohol, Scott Hall reached a state of his life where many people thought that he was on his way to the grave.

Thankfully, with the encouragement of Jake “The Snake” Roberts and help from DDP Yoga, Hall was able to make a 180-degree turn towards the right direction. Hall got back in shape, gave up his addiction, and has been able to inspire others and even coach the development talent at the WWE performance centre.

Earlier on, TMZ broke the news that Hall was ejected from a T.G.I. Friday’s for being drunk, as witnesses saw him consuming both Coors Light and tequila. This was a shameful thing to witness ever in life.
Scott Hall was escorted by police after having a confrontation with the bartender at the restaurant in the Atlanta airport, in which he was reportedly denied in his advances by the female employee. As a result, he called her a b–ch, not knowing that her father was nearby. The police were phoned after Hall refused to leave the area.