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The people’s champion and everyone hero John Cena has been away from the ring for some time now due to injury and since his departure, he was only seen at the WrestleMania 32 where he came to help The Rock feud against the Wyatt Family.

John Cena’s absence seems to have brought huge loss to the WWE Company. Cena announced that his return would be on the Memorial Day edition of Raw which is supposed to be on the 30th of May.

Fans have been looking up to the day when John Cena will make his glorious return to the ring. According to report received, John Cena has been given a huge change of direction which may lead him to MITB PPV. It has been revealed that Cena will be interrupted by a certain a group and there will be fight against Cena and this group.

It has rumored that the group will take month of prepraration against Cena panning for Pay Per Views. This is cruel indeed for the WWE to have planned this.