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Not long ago, the WWE proclaimed that the new split will soon come to effect from July 19th, ever since that proclamation, fans have being assuming which superstar will head the show and how will they be splitted.

Although, this is yet not very certain but we can hope that things will be resolved soon.

The reason for this splitting is that the blue brand was not doing so well in USA network. Obviously, even with new era the blue brand has not been too essential.

With this split, the WWE is looking forward to making the blue brand of the same level with RAW. Same level of importance will be given to both the blue brand and the main brand.

The WWE superstars are in a state of dilemma as a result of this splitting. Consequently, it is reported that the WWE has not yet decided on who will be going apart from some one’s name.

According to it was said that John Cena mighty be moved to the blue band in order for him to nurture its growth. As it is, he is the proven draw for WWE since decades this acts makes the officials to count on him for the revival of this brand.