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It is indeed a good thing to announce to you the newest couple that just emerged in the WWE after so many years of expectations and wonders. During the years we have heard about various love stories going on in the company but no marriage has been recorded except that of Naomi and Jimmy Uso which was indeed a mind blowing event.

John Cena has been dating the former WWE women’s champion Nikki Bella for some years now but it is quite unfortunate that nobody knows what the outcome of their relationship would be. It has been rumored in several occasions that John Cena has planned wedding with Nikki Bella but it seems to be that the rumors were all false. Several images of wedding of Nikki and Cena are in the internet and several social media has carried it.

Another couple who have been into relationship for some time has finally tied the knot in their relationship and has fully become husband and wife. The WWE Diva, Lana has been overwhelmed with joy since her fiancé retained the United States Championship at Battleground, and now the couple is ready to start a completely new chapter of their lives together. It is so blissful to hear that, isn’t it?

It is revealed that Lana and Rusev got engaged in November last year and finally they have been wed locked on 29th of July and they are have now officially become husband and wife. Lana showed to be very happy and indeed over excited with the whole event. She sent out posts of pictures of all sorts show casing how happy she was with the Marriage with Rusev the US Champion.

Their marriage ceremony was held at Malibu beach and the whole event has been recorded for Total Divas. July is a month that both couple won’t forget in their life time because it was on the month where Rusev retained his title and the month of their marriage. Well, on behave of the entire crew of, we wish them a very happy home and marriage life. We wish them a peaceful stay together.