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Before the WWE brand split was carried out, rumors of the return of various of superstars was heard and even now after the split the news is still raging among the WWE Universe. The return of any superstar now could either be to RAW or to SmackDown respectively as the brands permit by the WWE.

The news of the return of Shelton Benjamina has been ringing in the ears of fans and even officials but some persons did not know which brand he would be drafted into whether the blue or the red brand which art SmackDown and RAW. But recently, it was revealed that Shelton Benjamin will be drafted into SmackDown which is the blue brand. So, with this draft officially announced by the WWE we can say that there won’t be much complains from the IWC about SmackDown’s new intro video and theme song.

The idea of Shelton Benjamin joining SmackDown is very creative as it will add more firepower to the rooster. It also means that the Blue brand is getting stronger and tougher each day with the introduction of more superstars meeting with the existing ones like the present WWE champion Dean Ambrose, John Cena and many others.

It was reported that Benjamin and MVP were making the trip back to the WWE. Former General Manager Theodore Long said during a recent podcast that he met MVP at a wrestling show and the former United States Champion confided that both he and Benjamin only had to undergo the WWE customary medical tests before signing contracts.

It is revealed that Benjamin joined WWE far back in 2003 as a protégé of Kurt Angle and he was a former National Junior College Wrestling Champion who originally charted a course for the Olympics. He recorded lots of awards before leaving the company in 2010.