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Just after the WWE Survivor Series, the other thing that has filled the heart of wrestling lovers is the for the coming Royal Rumble PPV event. This is set to happen soon.

Bill Goldberg returned to WWE after 12 years of retirement and was tag as the opponent for Brock Lesnar. At Survivor Series, Bill faced and defeated Lesnar in less than two minutes. The scenario of the match is still very fresh in the heart in the minds of WWE Universe.

Some say that the match was a fixed match while others has refused has refused to believe that. Fortunately, WWE has announced a rematch at Royal Rumble where these huge superstars and veteran will be facing each other again.

Royal Rumble shall tell whether or not the match was fixed. Another huge match that is set to happen at Royal Rumble is that The Undertaker VS AJ Styles for the WWE World Heavyweight champion. The Undertaker also made his comeback some days after not appearing in the WWE since after the WrestleMania 32. This match at Royal Rumble reveals to be a honor for the Dead Man. The Undertaker is to be the next world heavyweight champion and also would be having his retirement match at WrestleMania 33 against John Cena.