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WWE has become so large that it now constitutes and runs numerous championship titles in both brands for the male talents and for the female talents also.

It is in the WWE record that Finn Balor is the first ever to win the WWE Universe championship title and also the first talent to win a title after his debut. This was indeed a record breaking experience. But Finn Balor did not enjoy his championship because he was made to give up the title due to injury which he had during his match against Seth Rollins.

Finn Balor made one promise to The Universe when he announced that he had to take off to recover from a shoulder injury, win back The Universal Title he never lost, With that being said and his recently rumored return at WWE Road Block pay per view, one could imagine that WWE would waste no time getting the title back on their first pick to win it at Summerslam.

In fact, many sources are reporting that Finn Balor is the early favorite to win The Royal Rumble match and get his Universal title back, but WWE doesn’t seem very interested in that idea right now.

According to some sources, WWE is intrigued by the idea of Chris Jericho versus Kevin Owens for The Universal Title and are reportedly holding back on Finn Balor’s rise back to the top in order to make it happen.

It is also possible that WWE officials could be skeptical about putting a major title back on an injury prone talent and are waiting it out for a while before making such a decision. Unfortunately for The WWE Universe, this could mean that they have to wait for quite a while before seeing their favorite demon king climb his way back up the main event ladder.