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Having several PPVs in WWE, it is revealed that all PPV marks time and occasions. RAW and SmackDown live respectively are the two major brand of WWE with top superstars and events.

The former WWE Universal Champion, Finn Balor promised his fans and all in the WWE Universe that once he recovers from his injury, that he is coming to get back his title which he never lost. It was rumored that Finn Balor would showed up at Road Block but we didn’t see him.

Recent reports has it that, Finn Balor winning back the WWE Universal championship title would elude next year’s Royal Rumble being the first Pay Per View of the year but WWE seems not to be impress with this plan.

WWE has a higher plan of booking Chris Jericho versus Kevin Owens for The Universal Title which will definitely hold back Finn Balor’s rise back to the top. Another thought is that WWE officials would want to remove Finn Balor from the major champion title picture due to his injury and surgery. Balor has to be given some time before being put in a title picture again.