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We all make mistakes.

Its a fact of life and its sometimes unavoidable. With that being said, making a mistake in WWE and doing it on live television is quite another thing all together. That’s the boat Dana Brooke finds herself in after botching the finish of last nights title match between Charlotte and Paige. While it was a small mistake and probably wasn’t that noticeable to The WWE Universe, she will still probably face some kind of repercussions for the both.

The incident occurred during the end of the match when Paige had Charlotte pinned, but Brooke tried to get Charlotte’s foot on the bottom rope to force a break. Unfortunately for Brooke, she wasn’t able to get Charlotte’s foot over the first rope and ended up just holding it in place and signaling for the ref to force a break. Brooke was later called out for the incident by, who included it in their WTF moments series.

Here is the video for those interested in seeing the botch!