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According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE is reportedly interested in signing top TNA star Matt Hardy and Triple H has already made moves to this that this becomes a reality.

According to sources, Triple H has already sent out feelers to the former WWE star via Hardy’s intermediaries, which is part of the elementary works to secure the one-half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions to WWE.

Further report stated reveals that Matt Hardy has creative control of his character in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and is doing well for himself as he sets his own schedule on the independent scene; which seems to be the only hindrance his move might have to wrestle with – a difficult choice to make for Matt.

However, word is that if Matt eventually decides to switch to WWE, his brother Jeff Hardy is sure to move along with him; although this is yet to be confirmed.

The report also points out WWE’s “killer” schedule, and how the rigors of the schedule are definitely something a lot of veteran talents might shy away from if offered a WWE return deal. That said, the TNA’s status is always a concern to nearly everyone, and if something happens to TNA, Hardy would need television to continue pushing his current character, hence WWE becomes a strong appeal and their return is also being considered.

Check back for more updates on the possible return of Matt and Jeff Hardy…