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Great Plans in line for the WWE Diva who have proven worthy before the WWE officals.

The WWE Company is really a place of uncertainty as it is known that anything can just happen undermining the situation or event at hand. Few months ago, Dana Brooke joined the WWE main rooster and ever since her joining the main rooster, things have become so easy for her to acquire as she has gained favor from all angles of the WWE Company.

Reports states that there are lots of the top WWE officials who are very high on Dana Brooke which include the boss himself, Vince McMahon and even Triple H. rumors have also gone out that a feud for Dana against Charlotte is on the cards right after the SummerSlam PPV.

It is still not sure whether the two partners in crime will be fighting for the WWE Women’s Title. The two has become partners because of one simple reason which the WWE recently disclosed.

Dana Brooke became a partner with the Women Champion Charlotte since after her first partner Emma sustained a back injury. After Dana Brooke have achieved limited success in the WWE NXT, Dana Brooke became a partner with Emma after she had made her debut on the main roster and the move was derailed after the latter sustained a back injury. It was after this incidence that Dana Brooke then became partner with Charlotte.

Well, the reason for this partnership was because the WWE believed that Dana Brooke has little in ring skills so working with the women’s champion will surely set her at pace in her WWE career not minding what she had suffered for the previous times in her career. Come Sunday, we hope to see a feud of Dana Brooke and Charlotte against Sasha Banks.